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Slings are essential equipment for individuals with limited mobility, providing safe and secure support during transfers. At Behope, we offer a range of slings to cater to different needs and preferences.

1. Full-Body Slings

Our full-body slings provide maximum support for individuals who require assistance with all-over body lifting and transfers. These slings come in various sizes and materials to ensure a comfortable fit for different body types.

2. U-Slings

U-slings are designed to support individuals who have limited or no head control. They provide padded support under the arms and around the back, ensuring a safe and secure transfer experience.

3. Standing Slings

For individuals who need assistance with standing transfers, our standing slings provide a practical solution. These slings come with additional straps and supports to ensure proper positioning and stability during the transfer process.

4. Toileting Slings

Our toileting slings are specifically designed for individuals who require assistance with toileting activities. These slings have an open bottom design for easy access and are made with water-resistant materials for convenient cleaning.

5. Bariatric Slings

At Behope, we understand the importance of having slings that can support individuals with different body sizes and weights. Our bariatric slings have higher weight capacities and reinforced designs to ensure safe and comfortable transfers for everyone.


Slings are an essential aid for individuals with limited mobility, and at Behope, we are committed to providing high-quality and reliable options. Our collection offers a range of slings to cater to different needs and situations, ensuring that everyone can find the right sling for their unique needs. Explore our collection today to improve your transfers and daily activities.