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Porch Lift Buyback

"Get top dollar for your used Porch Lift in Toronto with Behope's Re-Selling Porch Lift Buy Back Program. Trust the local experts at Behope to handle the reselling process, while you upgrade to newer equipment."

Introducing the Behope Re-Selling Porch Lift - Buy Back Program, your solution for upgrading your mobility equipment in a convenient and profitable way. At Behope, we understand that as your needs change, so may your Porch Lift. That's why we've developed a program that allows you to re-sell your used Porch Lift and put the proceeds towards purchasing newer equipment. Trust us to handle the reselling process, and you can focus on enjoying the improved accessibility and convenience of your new stairlift.


What to have ready

  • Porch Lift model & model number
  • Install date
  • Amount of wear and tear on the product
  • Pictures of the product
  • Anything else you think we should know